Ready? Go! Posted on 16 Aug 11:42 , 0 comments

We have our first red pepper as of August 12th, they are turning a few weeks earlier than last year thanks to the beautiful weather we have had this year. Yesterday was a scorcher at 91 degrees, everyone else is miserable, but Tom and I are smiling and thinking good pepper weather. Now I just need a little patience and let a few more of the peppers turn a deep red, so we can make our first batch of the year. It won't be long now.

It's going to be a bumper crop! Posted on 28 Jul 09:08 , 0 comments

Wow! is all we can say when looking at our garden this year. We were able to plant more ghost peppers this year, due to Tom building a new garden bed. We have plenty of blossoms and plenty of peppers growing. The peppers are still green and will have to change colors to red, we are thinking the later part of August.  Last year here in Minnesota,we got a freeze around mid September. So we are hoping to get more peppers earlier,with more plants growing. Grow peppers grow! While everyone else is complaining about the hot humid weather, Tom and I look at each other with a smile and say "Great pepper growing weather". Stay tuned.

The grill was a smokin....... Posted on 20 Jul 17:52 , 0 comments

Today we woke up to a kitchen smelling like peaches. The peaches are finally ripe that we're sitting on the  counter. Ahhh time to fire up the grill and smoke/grill the peaches for the smoked peach habanero jam.  What a beautiful afternoon for making jam.

First Post Posted on 14 Jul 14:07 , 0 comments

We have been busy around here. The introduction to our Bogie Bites was perfect timing. The ghost peppers are growing, but not yet ready to pick. The Peaches are on their way from georgia, however we will be  waiting for peaches to ripen in order to make the smoked peach habanero jam. So with all the waiting for fruit to ripen gives us the perfect opportunity to make our all natural homemade dog treats Bogie Bites.