What's new in 2019 Posted on 18 Nov 15:44 , 0 comments

We've got a new jar supplier and new lid supplier, we have switched to a straight sided jar and a gold cap with no brand on it. However when you do something like this you have to buy in bulk, can you say 4,560 jars and 6,000 lids. Tom had to clean out the garage so we could stack all those cases in there. 

Our ghost pepper sauce has traveled to Wabasha,MN and is now featured in the Wabasha Treats and Treasure's store, also served at the Turning Waters B&B in Wabasha, MN.

We've been added to our local convenience store called Ziggy's, where they will pump your gas for you, this is a mom and pop shop and they like to promote local.

Like Coffee and Ice Cream? We are now in the Cannon Belle's Coffee and Ice Cream shop(they gave us nice shelf space)  in Cannon Falls,MN . These gals also make fabulous cheese and we grow the carolina reaper for their hot pepper cheese.

And lastly we have made it into Loon Liquors Distillery here in Northfield,MN, they use our ghost pepper sauce on their Charcuterie Board(meat and cheese tray).


RIP to our Bogie Bites Dog Treats Posted on 2 Jul 08:29 , 0 comments

We have decided to no longer make our Bogie Bites dog treats. As many of you know this product was started and named after our rescue Bogie.

Bogie passed away in April of 2019, we had 4 years and 10 days with this handsome man. I just cannot bring myself to make the treats anymore, they were his favorite. Hope you all understand, our business is not all about profits, our products are close to our hearts. 

We're now available on Amazon in the Grocery & Gourmet Food. Posted on 7 Feb 09:27 , 0 comments

Tom has worked very hard to get us on Amazon. Please see the following link when your looking for us. Oh, and a review after purchase would be wonderful. We are in the Grocery & Gourmet Food Category



We're in a couple of stores! Posted on 8 Dec 08:27 , 0 comments

What an exciting time of year for us. We just got picked up by Just Food Co-op in Northfield, MN  and The Peoples Food Co-op In Rochester, MN.

This is the first time we've been able to sell to the public in a store setting. We are excited and humbled that we have been given this opportunity. We hope to expand slowly and be able to to place our product in more co-op's and small town unique markets. Stay tuned, shop small and shop local.

Wow! We've been busy. Posted on 25 Jul 13:31 , 0 comments

So much has happened in the last few months. I have finally received my wholesale/processing license. What does that mean? It means I can finally sell my Ghost Pepper Sauce to restaurants. I have a couple of local places that are giving it a try....stay tuned, to see how it's used in their menu's.  We have become incorporated, I am officialy a true business Treats by T LLC

We have finally found a commercial kitchen to use that is close and reasonably priced. The Owner Steve Perry makes maple syrup under the brand name three river farms. I didn't realize that this was the same maple syrup that I drove 25 miles to a craft show and paid 18.00  for me and Tom to get in to buy a 10.00 bottle of syrup. I should of just looked online....lol. What a small world that I am now renting his kitchen.

We also have collaborated with Imminent Brewing in Northfield, MN and started using their spent grain in our Bogie Bites-Dog treats. The Brewery is dog friendly and will hand out a dog treat along with your favorite beer. We hope to start selling our bagged treats there in the near future.

We are still doing our craft shows, and have changed the name of ghost pepper jam to ghost pepper sauce on our labels. We realized that we are always promoting it to be used as a glze,dip or sauce that it was only appropriate to change the name....same great taste!

Last day of May Posted on 31 May 07:33 , 0 comments

It's the last day of May, the pepper plants have been planted, according to last years notes we are only 6 days behind in planting. That's the thing with mother nature, you have to wait till she's ready.

This year I am growing a new pepper plant for the cooking salts I make called the Carolina Reaper. It is suppose to be hotter than the Scorpion pepper I am currently using.

It's a cool 50 degree Minnesota Morning. If calculation are right we should be picking our first red ghost pepper towards the end of August.

accidents happen Posted on 6 Nov 09:50 , 1 comment

We made 11 batches of beer bacon brittle a couple of nights ago, preparing for one of our biggest craft shows. I stirred the pot too fast and the brittle splattered on my hand, well when you have it up to a soft crack at 285 degrees that will leave quite a burn. 

Tom wanted to tell people about my hand to get some sympathy sales....lol.  We did sell 29 bags. We had a 70 degree day here in Minnesota in November which is unusual, and I think that had alot of people outside and at the craft show. We sold 110 jars of jam, our record so far for a one day show. We also got recruited for another craft show, because they thought we were unique and there was nothing else like our product at their show.  

We had alot of repeat customers coming back and telling us they bought from us last year, we love hearing that.

Tom came up with a great idea to give everyone a squeeze bottle if they bought 2 jars of jam, that is how we keep it in our house, because it gets put on everything. I have to say it was a great idea and we encouraged a few people to buy a second jar with this promotion.

Spreading the love of ghost pepper jam.


It's spring, It's snowing and I am ordering ghost pepper plants Posted on 25 Mar 10:10 , 0 comments

Aaahhh...spring in Minnesota. It's snowing here today and I am ordering ghost pepper plants. I believe in shopping local so I order my plants from Jeni at Eco-gardens in Northfield,MN. She always has good quality plants. Yes it's only March, but one has to start thinking about this years crop and pre plan. Because we had such a good crop last year, we are still able to make ghost pepper jam, through out the year. I won't have to turn away customers like years past, because we we're out of ghost peppers. There is always something to do around the house relating to the the business, cut out squares of material, order labels, watch the ads to see if jars or pectin goes on sale, make more Bogie Bites. (Bogie keeps eating up the supply...lol). Happy Spring everyone.


New Product Posted on 9 Mar 20:41 , 0 comments

Today we added our new gluten free Bogie Bites to our Treats by T line. We we're waiting for the labels to get back from the printers, so we could package treats and get them ready for our event on saturday. Bogie watched me carefully as to make sure that I didn't accidently drop one on the floor(he wishes). I had a couple left over after bagging and someone got a few treats. I love how he picks his spot out in the kitchen. He lays right in front of the refridgerator so he can see what is going on in the kitchen. Smart dog! 

Tom and I have a big craft show in Rosemount,MN this saturday so we are getting things ready. I baked regular Bogie Bites all day and the house smelled delicious, love that hint of cinnamon in the recipe. Now our customers will have a choice of Bogie Bites, Original or Gluten Free...everyone loves a choice.

Holiday happenings Posted on 15 Dec 14:53 , 0 comments

Every saturday for the past month we have been packing up the ghost pepper jam, the smoked peach habanero, the bogie bites and the beer bacon brittle and carting them off to craft shows. We have had such wonderful reception from new customers and our returning customers that were delighted that we were back.

Those of you spoiling your dogs and those of you buying for your grand dogs have made our new product Bogie Bites a success. I mean who wouldn't want an all natural dog treat? I have had some requests for grain free dog treats, and I am happy to say that beginning in 2016 we will have them available for purchase. I have yet to come up with a name for the gluten free dog treats maybe GF Bogie Bites?

Just for fun this time of year we offered a Beer Bacon Brittle, people were surprised with how delicious it was, and who doesn't love bacon! We can now say we have a little something for every member of your family. This product also has no preservatives so we decided to make it a seasonal item.

Merry Christmas everyone, and thank you for your orders and re orders. 

Trudi and Tom