Everything we make is made from scratch, in small batches.

Ghost Pepper Sauce- Our #1 seller

Why buy our sauce over another hot pepper sauce? We grow our own ghost peppers, so the day they turn ripe is the day we make our delicious sauce, making it the freshest possible.

 Our sauce has a unique flavor, it starts of sweet and then hits you with a little heat at the end. You will be saying to yourself "that's good, can I have some more".  We use no preservatives or artificial colors. Our biggest challenge is getting you to try our sauce, most people are hesitant when we use the word ghost pepper.

This versatile sauce has been used as an appetizer on top of cream cheese and crackers. Glaze's on salmon,chicken,meatloaf and pork. You can dip your eggrolls or wontons into it. Make a fabulous meatball sauce. Jumpstart your morning with it on top of scrambled eggs, or have it for lunch on your grilled cheese sandwich, so many meals you can be creative with. How will you spread the love of ghost pepper sauce?

Ingredients: Sugar,red bell peppers,raspberries,pectin, vinegar, fruit juice,habanero and ghost peppers.


Bogie Bites Dog Treats- Can your dog be too spoiled, I think not!

What can I say, I love my dog. Bogie is a beagle/bassett mix. We rescued him at the ripe old age of 11. Most people don't want to rescue an older dog, we figured we can give him the best years of his life whatever he has left. So of course he is going to be spoiled and I am going to make him his own dog treats. Bogie Bites are all natural. I don't add any artificial ingredients or preservatives.  Your getting 7 ingredients that you can pronounce in your dog treats. 

Ingredients: Whole wheat flour, Spent Grain from our local brewery, Pumpkin, Eggs, Almond Butter,Ground Flax, and Cinnamon.....made with love. What's in your dog treat?

Flavored Salts:    Rosemary, Basil and a Scorpion Pepper Hot Salt.

Simple Ingredients grown from our garden and blended into kosher salt. Shake on your favorite foods.